Swimming Analysis

Swimming Analysis

Swimmers should consider a video swim stroke analysis for multiple reasons. If you have pain with swimming, slow motion video feedback and swim stroke advice can correct common errors that lead to pain. In addition, performance and confidence can improve with proper timing and form that can be learned with corrective exercises and drills.

Swim Stroke Analysis Overview

Our swim stroke evaluation includes a medical and training history, assessment of functional range of motion and strength, and a video analysis of swimming form with feedback from your trainer. Recommendations based on your analysis will be provided, including ways to improve performance in and out of the water.

The Evaluation

Here are a few examples of what we assess and how improper or unbalanced movement can limit your swimming potential.

Hand placement
Correct entry into the water prevents excessive internal rotation of the shoulder that can increase shoulder pain, and pinching of the rotator cuff muscles.

Body roll
Using larger muscles in the core to power the stroke provides better arm recovery and injury prevention, and increases efficiency with swimming.

Catch and pull through
By working to develop a high elbow catch technique, plus good swimming posture, excessive shoulder load can be avoided.

Position relative to water surface
Proper swim posture can eliminate low back pain and increase the functional use of the core.

Kick technique
Anterior knee pain can be common with repetitive flutter kick, breaststroke kick and flip turns. We can analyze your stroke to ensure proper alignment.

Cost: $125

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