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Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) – $125

Pain, muscle imbalances and poor flexibility can all cause changes in the way we move. Over time, these changes in movement may lead to decreased range of motion in joints, muscle length changes, and declines in strength. Abnormal movement also increases the risk of injury.

The purpose of a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is to identify abnormal movement patterns by analyzing posture, strength, flexibility and balance, and how they work together (movement). Based on the findings of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, providers can recommend treatments that target abnormal movement patterns. These treatments can reduce pain, enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries.

At Sac Spine & PT we value the SFMA because it is a tool that allows us to build a plan based on the needs of each individual. Our focus on treating the underlying cause with hands on treatment and a thorough exercise program gets you moving pain-free and back into action. We want you feeling your best throughout all your daily activities.

“We now use this program with every player as a pre-test and evaluation tool before we even begin to train them. This individualizes our training as we can now focus more on improving weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries in an effort to improve functional  movement patterns. Not only that, it’s an integral part of our program; rehabilitating injuries, decisions on return to play, and it’s a test before training camp that tells us if has the player improved and if we should feel good about putting him on the 

Jon Torine – Former Head Strength Coach, Indianapolis Colts

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