Bike fitting

Road/Mountain Bikes: $125.00

Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes: $175.00

Bike Fitting

Each fitting is individualized to meet the rider’s specific discipline and needs. Fittings address all aspects of the rider interface, including shoe/cleat alignment, saddle and handlebar positioning and recommend equipment modifications. The session incorporates a detailed physical examination to address the rider's individual anthropometrics, soft tissue and flexibility factors, limitations and injury history. Emphasis is placed on meeting each rider's unique requirements. Extensive biomechanical expertise and rider feedback complete the package.

Whether you’re uninjured or injured, we’ll watch the way you move, particularly how these movements impact your joints. Here are a few examples of what we assess and how improper or unbalanced movement can limit your ultimate race potential.

Flexibility/functional analysis

Identifies segmental movement dysfunction and helps relate areas of impairment with areas of pain (for example, hip flexor muscle tightness can cause back pain with cycling).

Saddle height

A saddle too low increases pressure on knees, increasing risk for patellar tendinitis or generalized knee pain.

A saddle too high increases the risk of saddle sores and Achilles tendinitis from pointing your ankles/toes too long.

Forward reach distance

Improper reach can increase shoulder pain or cause hip joint pain from your hands being too close or too far away from your hips.


Aim for between 90 and 110 revolutions per minute for efficiency and to decrease stress on joints and muscles.

Core stability

Helps support the trunk with prolonged upper extremity weight bearing and can decrease risk of low back pain and saddle sores (by decreasing hip rocking while seated).

Foot position

Proper cleat position can help decrease the risk of Achilles tendinitis, knee pain and IT Band pain, and improve efficiency.

Shoulder position
Proper shoulder position helps to decrease neck pain caused by upper trapezius muscle tightness and reduce numbness in the arms and hands.

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