We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art therapy techniques, utilizing research from across the globe to achieve positive and lasting results. Here are the main services we provide at Sacramento Spine & PT.

General Orthopedics

We treat all orthopedic injuries, including back pain, neck pain, spine injuries, shoulder pain, hand pain, ankle/foot pain, etc. Let our tried and true orthopedic physical therapy procedures aid you through your recovery!

Aquatic Therapy

For patients who are in pain and are weakened due to an injury or disability, aquatic therapy offers the perfect solution. The natural buoyancy of water reduces the stress on the body and helps patients exercise easier with less pain. Plus, the natural pressure of water reduces joint and soft-tissue swelling and provides enough resistance to strengthen muscle.

Joint Replacement

We have developed a Joint Replacement Academy offering patients the most comprehensive approach to joint replacement surgery. Services include: Pre-Hab, Aquatic and manual therapies and Post Physical Therapy offerings.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Injuries can happen to those of all ages. Physical Therapy treatments range from congenital impairments to common adolescent sport related overuse injuries! We work effectively with orthopedic issues for those of any age.

Sports Physical Therapy

With over 20 years experience treating Professional, College, Elite High School and youth sports related injuries we can get you back in to action quickly and safely. Check out our Sports Performance page to learn more about our Athlete offerings.

Injury Evaluation

Not sure of the extent of your injury? Our injury screening and evaluation services can provide you with the knowledge you want and the treatment you need.

Women's Health

Amy Zipp, MS OTR/L offers our patients over 10 years as a licensed clinician treating complex women's health issues. All patients receive 1-1 treatment with a balanced approach to address their diagnostic concerns. Amy's focus is often on the relationship between pelvic floor fitness, and how that aspect of deep core stability translates to improved movement patterns for the rest of the body. Some of the common diagnoses the Women's Health program will cover are: Pelvic floor dysfunction (prolapse, urgency/frequency, stress urinary incontinence, chronic constipation), Pelvic pain, Gynecologic & Breast Oncology and Pre & Post Natal care. Visits our Women's Health page for more information

Work Injury Rehab

No one wants to get inured on the job, but when a worker is, rehabilitation is essential to get them back to a productive role at the workplace. We treat the entire person in our state of the art facility. We make sure that the injured worker gets access to conditioning via our cardiovascular equipment as well the most current hands-on treatment techniques by the best staff and environment in the business. Legislative limits in the amount of physical therapy visits allowed have forced us to become extremely efficient and effective at pinpointing the problem and coming up with a solution for these folks.

Workplace Employee Testing

Our facility provides employment tests for: WorkSTEPS, AbilityUSA, Pacific Coast building products, and others.

Workplace Employment Testing is a set of employment tests that are medically-safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective, and specifically-designed to match a worker's functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job. This includes pre-employment post-offer, post-employment fit-for-duty, upper quadrant/carpal tunnel, return-to-work fit-for-duty, and post-injury testing. Employers that participate in employment testing typically experience a 40-to-50 percent reduction in Workers' Compensation claims and related costs over the previous year, with continued reductions thereafter.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting longer than 6 months and is said to affect over 100 million Americans. Often times chronic pain is a cycle that must be broken and can be far removed from the precipitating circumstances that caused the pain to begin with. Other times, there is a lingering structural issue that needs to be addressed. In either case, physical therapy can identify and treat the root cause and screen for differential diagnoses that can contribute.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Decades of research has culminated in the application of this cutting edge technology in the rehabilitation arena. Absolutely vital for post-operative extremity patients, BFR is used by ALL of the professional sports teams and college programs to rehabilitate their athletes. And clinical applications are finding that it is 100% safe and effective for the elderly and deconditioned populations to rehabilitate faster and more effectively.

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